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Waste Water Treatment At Cape Coast

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Project Details

Client:Fish Farming Company
Location:Cape Coast
Year Completed:In Progress
Category:Waste Water Treatment

Project Overviewx

Waste water treatment for fish farm at cape coast to convert fish water into clean reusable water. Project estimated at $ 9000. OtechBiotech Waste water treatment goes through 3 stages. The sieve stage ( where heavy particles settle), the anaerobic and aerobic treatment phase ( where COD,BOD ,TSS ,Turbidity )is reduced drastically to meet University EPA standards and the sedimentation stage where suspending particles settle and clean water is either pumped out for reuse or released into the environment. Our system produce little to no sludge because of the application of modern biotechnology and bacteria doses . Our systems contain no chemical additive. fully natural operation and very little space and low maintenance. Can be installed for all institutions. Pharmaceutical waste, pulp and Paper, petroleum waste,municipal ,industrial etc. Because of the very high toxic shock our systems can withstand, they are the Best treatment solutions for any project.