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Toilet Digester Installation

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Toilet digester is the latest technology that introduces economic bacteria into chambers created to receive human waste material. These bacteria feed on the waste and multiply from 2 to 5 billions every 30 minutes. The digester is only 2ft by 4ft by 6 inches deep and made of Filter, Fiber and French drain.The fiber separates the faeces from the water, and the filter absorbs 75% of the water after every flash. The remaining 25% goes to the French drain.A rubber at the end of the digester collects the manure from the system and can be used as manure for planting and the rubber replaced for use again.

The installation of toilet digester is a win-win system for the environment and individual. This is the latest technology that makes use of highly effective bacteria capable of digesting human waste materials.

Unlike the traditional manhole, this takes less space and can be used for 20-30 years without dislodging/removing the toilet. They hide themselves into organic waste, eat day and night and never stop work until the organic wastes are completely digested. This results in practically no odour emanating from the chamber. This is as a result of years of research in various countries that are advanced in developing biotechnology. Our engineers take a look at the client’s site and develop the appropriate product to meet the population of the facility while taking the soil structure into consideration to prevent complication. It provides the ideal solution for individuals and organizations as well.

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